welcome to 2nd year.


Our training program is designed to inspire, equip and connect each student with content that will transform their thinking and, as a result, their lives. Students will come to understand the Christian worldview for all areas of their life and society.


  • Study online from your own home at your own time and pace with access to your courses 24/7.

  • Study approximately 2hrs a week.

  • Connect with an international community of students.

  • Participate in videos, audios, quizzes, forums, live sessions with teachers, and much more!

2nd Year: Multiply who you are through your influence and contribution as a Societal Architect.

In the second tier of courses, we focus on the multiplication and influence of you as a Societal Architect. This deals with the “why” and “how”, focusing on the best way to implement the blueprints you have in your heart and mind for your areas of influence.  You will learn how to  implement your vision, go from just having ideas to the realization of them, discover how to build the team you need, and get a foundational understanding of the most important  areas that shape and make up a society.

2nd Year Course Curriculum

Extracurricular Courses


Graduation Details:

Date: TBD - 2018.

Location: Miami, Florida, United States.


  • 1st Year Certificate (first 6 courses).
  • 2nd Year Certificate (12 total courses)
  • Extracurricular Course Certificates taken by the students.

Are you missing a few courses before graduation? 

If you are missing a few courses before graduation you can catch up with our self-study courses.

2nd Year Curriculum: Courses 7-12

Courses and their starting dates:

  • Higher Living Leadership: January 9 - March 5th
  • The Power of Teamwork: March 6 - April 30th
  • From Vision to Realization: May 1st - June 25th

Vacation: 1 week  (June 26th - July 2nd)

  • Virtuous Leadership: July 3rd - August 27th (Postponed but replaced by "How to Operate in the Supernatural" course).
  • Poverty Cure: August 28th - October 22nd
  • How to Operate in the Supernatural: October 23rd - December 17th.