Are you intentional?


The Law of Intentionality

The word intention comes from the Latin intentio, which means to try. Trying something is fine, but trying without strategy will end in failure. Intentionality leads you to action, thoughtful action which is the result of preparation. When you add intentionality to the equation of what you want to achieve, you are adding capacity, aptitude, dexterity, knowledge, ingenuity and many more resources that can be learned.

To create strategy you need to learn and prepare. You need to first invest in your personal growth. Your personal growth determines the level of success in achieving your dreams, goals, or aspirations. Personal growth expands your knowledge and skills to carry out your plans successfully.

Decide to invest in your growth, decide to add intentionality to everything you do in your life, expand your vision and start being a person of action.

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Invest in your personal growth and decide to live with intentionality!

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