Being a Different Chef

The Societal Architects’ Tribe
Being a Different Chef

In today’s message, we will be using the example of a great chef from a TV show and how he became the world’s best and greatest chef. This one particular chef did not just want to serve a meal that looked good to his clients, but wanted  to ensure that each ingredient gave its full value of nutrients and taste it was intended to provide. The full purpose of his job was different than just creating food. He was thinking way beyond just the meal. He looked back at his family and how they grew and nurtured their own vegetables, and how the livestock were raised and fed so the milk and meat of these animals gave their full potential in both high quality and taste of the meal. This chef looked at all the ingredients and the end result from a broader perspective than just good food on a plate. His theory was, “If you want to have a great dish, you need great ingredients and start with the ground, with the earth”.

If we bring back order to this system of cultivation (God’s design), everything starts to taste better and the body receives the nutrients that it needs to fight against sickness. When looking at this example of food in our culture, and how it is grown, we need to ask ourselves, are we really stewarding the earth as God intended? 

God gave us a mandate to steward everything He has given us. In some things we need to go back to the basics of His original design in how we do things and do it God’s way. 

In a way, I think we should all be like this chef. Think about the original design of God’s creation and implement that on Earth, it will create life on Earth! God’s creation as He intended it.

Dr. Kees-Jan de Maa