“All this,” David said, “I have in writing as a result of the Lord’s hand on me, and he enabled me to understand all the details of the plan.”
1 Chronicles 28:19

How beautiful it is to see how David had the desire to build a physical place to worship God and, although it was not needed, he wanted to do it. We now know from history that he didn’t get to build the temple himself, but he provided much of the materials so that Solomon, his son, could build it. At that time, David told Solomon that the entire design was inspired by God, and that He had given him understanding about all the works of the design. Don't you think this is wonderful?

David had the desire, and God inspired him on how to do it!

Do you know, David designed everything with the help of God? God created us in His image and likeness with the ability to create/shape things. We can be co-creators with God when we seek Him to inspire us in the designs we need to make.

The Bible calls God Yatsar (Artist) who yatsed (created/shaped) man. As a craftsman who performs a masterpiece, God, as Creator-Craftsman yatsed man and made him like Him, a yatsar (craftsman) also with the ability to yatsar! He created man as an artist who has the ability to shape/create something new that did not previously exist. Hence, man is so innovative!

What has God put in your heart to create? God invites you to co-create with Him!

God has made you a future designer! You can offer something new to serve society!

Kees-Jan de Maa

Note: Would you like to be a co-creator with God? Register now and learn to co-create with God according to your divine purpose with this online self-study course.


“I’m Jonas Rodriguez Perez from The Canary Islands, Spain. I graduated from the University for Societal Architecture. I am a Doctor in Linguistics, specialized in languages, and am currently working as a high school English professor.

The University for Societal Architecture was instrumental in completely renewing my way of thinking in regards to understanding that my destiny, divine purpose and ministry go beyond what I do inside the building in which we unite as a church. It is true that I knew that before I started studying, but, without a doubt, it has greatly helped me to clear out doubts and fears I had about that.

Although the courses deal with different topics, they all have been a source of inspiration in this regard: from multiple perspectives, they agree about renewing our way of thinking so we can be the best possible contribution to this world, wherever God puts us.

Personally, one of the courses that I liked the best was “Virtuous Leadership” since it helped me to know the weak and strong points of my temperament, and enabled me to live a more balanced life.” - Jonas Rodriguez

This is only one of the many testimonies that we regularly hear about the renewal of the way of thinking, transformation and personal development that our students go through, thanks to each one of the courses that we offer at the University for Societal Architecture.

Jonas studied online from Spain, even though he was studying for his doctorate and worked as a school teacher. The methodology of the University is very flexible, designed knowing that people have jobs, families, responsibilities at church and outside the church, etc.

Jonas managed to do it because all the courses are recorded on video, which you can access at any hour of the day; if you’re very busy, you can listen to the audios and download the corresponding manuals to each course. You can count on having a person who attends to you personally and helps you with whatever you need. All these courses are online, so you can study wherever and whenever.

Just like Jonas, you too can increase your potential with the variety of courses that the University for Societal Architecture offers. Dare to be transformed!

Choose the course that you need right now, and start NOW with a self-study course.

Best regards,
Kees-Jan de Maa

190905_UAS EN.jpeg

My name is Narciza Herrera. I am 51 years old and I am from Ecuador. I am a teacher and a happy woman. I am a graduate of the University For Societal Architecture (UFSA) where I was transformed by each course I took at this university. Every day I use what I learned to build a strong family.

If you are studying at UFSA, or are thinking about doing it, it’s because God thought of you and imagined fulfilling your divine purpose.

How many people do not develop what they can be because they don’t know the potential within themselves? This is how UFSA equips us to impact our generation. It’s a journey of discovery and the development of our calling.

I thought it was too late for me, but then I realized that as long as we’re alive, everything is possible with God. Today, thanks to this training, I have my own company in which I am using everything I learned for the good of others.

I was motivated to achieve my dreams. UFSA helped me discover the potential of what I could become. Now, I am in the stage of achieving it! 

What a sense of accomplishment! I did it!

If you are searching for excellence, studying at UFSA is the best decision!


Narciza Herrera
Graduate of the University For Societal Architecture


Everything changed when I found my divine purpose!

Enjoy this testimony from a graduate of the University of Social Architecture:

I am a Panamanian and an architect by profession, which I practiced for awhile. However, I left my work 8 years ago, and since then, I have dedicated myself to my family.

I would like to tell you that since 2014, I have been living in constant renewal and growth on a spiritual and mental level. In 2015, I had the opportunity to start studying at the University of Social Architecture where, in the hands of a team of wonderful people who are now part of my life, I began to prepare. At that time, I did not realize what I was actually preparing for. But what I can tell you now, it was my calling.

Two years of pure revelation and discovery opened up my mind and expanded my horizon to know God's will for my life and the world. I’m still experiencing that awakening through dreams and ideas that come with the deep desire to sow joy, color, love and hope in this world. To my surprise, those years flew by! They felt like when you sit down to delight in something that is so rich, you want to take it in little by little, and you don’t want it to end. So it was with my studies, one subject after another. Finally, I became a “Social Architect”. I finished my studies with the deep desire to do something meaningful with my life.

Now, I am an intentional woman, whose vision is to express through drawings and writings, all the revelation I receive from Him during my day and as I prepare; revelation from the One in whom I have found love and security to live from what is beginning to be the best version of myself.

Perhaps in these words you find encouragement and revelation for you. If you feel that we speak the same language, from heart to heart, I invite you to connect with the University of Social Architecture. It will change your life, as it changed me.

Sign up NOW, and start your journey of internal transformation!

Patricia Taylor
Graduate of the University of Social Architecture

190821_Crecer_UNIV_EN 2.jpg

Don’t you think one of the most beautiful characteristics of a human being is the desire to grow? When we meet someone who wants to improve, is willing to learn, humble to ask, and who is pliable and committed, it’s spectacular!

With such a person there will be hope for what he wants to achieve!

Humility and being teachable are two fundamental virtues to growing as a person. Being open to see what you can’t see, to discard what doesn’t work, to add what is missing and to change what is needed, makes you a candidate for moving forward, and for others to want to help you!

God is the "Potter” who works with the humble and pliable, with those who want to learn how to improve.

What kind of clay are you?

Do not let the fear that others don’t value and respect you, nor internal insecurity that manifests in a prideful attitude that says you already know it all, nor any other similar attitude, rob you of being pliable and committed to grow.

A wise person recognizes who they are and what brought them to where they are.

In order to achieve more, they will gladly surrender all in order for the more to be added to their lives.

Have you noticed that the requirement for others to teach you and want to help you is your humility, teachability, commitment and flexibility?

Invest in your improvement! We start with new courses next Monday, August 26th.

Choose the course that you need the most to grow in what you can become!

Note: If you are taking a course for the first time in this University we recommend that you start with this course: “Your New Identity in Christ”.

Our metodology: The video teachings are recorded and online. You can study at any time that is convenient for you. The course duration is two months, and takes about two hours a week.

Candy de Maa


What’s your mission in this world?

God has created you unique and special. What you have to offer, others need.

You have a divine call, gifts and talents that make you unique - potential you can develop!

Invest in who you can become, and learn to maximize what you have to offer. This is what will distinguish you from others!

Choose NOW the teaching you need most.

Click on the image for more information.

Start on August 26th with an international group.
If you prefer to do it on your own, start right now in the self-study program.

Are you taking a course for the first time in this University?
We recommend that you start with the course, “Your New Identity in Christ”.

Methodology: Video teachings are online. Study at any time that is convenient for you.
The course duration is two months, and takes about two hours a week.

Candy de Maa

Are you intentional?


The Law of Intentionality

The word intention comes from the Latin intentio, which means to try. Trying something is fine, but trying without strategy will end in failure. Intentionality leads you to action, thoughtful action which is the result of preparation. When you add intentionality to the equation of what you want to achieve, you are adding capacity, aptitude, dexterity, knowledge, ingenuity and many more resources that can be learned.

To create strategy you need to learn and prepare. You need to first invest in your personal growth. Your personal growth determines the level of success in achieving your dreams, goals, or aspirations. Personal growth expands your knowledge and skills to carry out your plans successfully.

Decide to invest in your growth, decide to add intentionality to everything you do in your life, expand your vision and start being a person of action.

Do you want to move from intention to action?

Register now! Choose the course that most interests you.

Invest in your personal growth and decide to live with intentionality!

Coordination of the University for Societal Architecture

Click on the image for more information.

If you can change the way you think, you can change your life!

Do you know that the decisions you make are according to the options you know?

Your expectations and choices depend on what you expose yourself to. Your options are limited by your knowledge and understanding. On the other hand, the more you expand your knowledge and understanding, the more options you will have!

As your mind expands, your vision expands, and your vision is what determines your destiny. Be certain of this, you can obtain what you envision!

Have you seen the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness", based on the astounding true story of millionaire investment broker, Chris Gardner? Gardner, played by Will Smith, was going through difficult and impoverished times. One day, he began to see how some people lived in abundance. So tired of his lifestyle, he became determined to pull out of the hole where he was stuck both financially and professionally, and for the sake of his young son. He decided to break out of the limitations that surrounded him.

We see in the movie how he persevered until he attained what he had envisioned. He thought, if others could do it, he could too. When he became inspired, he worked hard to make it happen. Impossibilities became possibilities because he changed his perspective.


Your future depends on the way you think. How are you going to achieve something you do not envision? By acquiring knowledge and understanding!

We invite you to participate in the next bi-monthly courses of our University of Social Architecture so that you can expand your vision and be more effective.

Register now! The course begins on April 29th and ends on June 23th.

Note: If you are a new UAS student, we recommend you start with the course, "New Identity in Christ". However, you have the option to take whichever course you desire.

Which topic would you like to study? Click on the image for more information.


Discover who you really are!

We all want to know who we really are, how we are wired, why we do what we do, and how to become a better person. If I know who I am, it helps me understand what my highest and best contribution in this world should be. It also helps me recognize and understand how others are innately wired, and helps improve the way I relate to others. Starting at home, in my relationship with my spouse, children, family and friends. I learn how to honor their unique contributions. FREE CVI.001 2.jpeg In the course "Discover your Innate Core Values", you will learn how you have been created and how your unique Human Operating System works. Your will discover your Innate Core Values that represent your contributions God has created you with. Contributions He wants you to maximize and use.

You will also learn to see and control your deepest fears. Fears that trigger you to step into your conflict strategies. You will learn about your unique learning style, unique from any other.

Click on the image to learn more about this unique course.

Click on the image to learn more about this unique course.

It will provide so many answers to questions you have, and provide a guide for what you were created to do. This understanding will help you find the perfect place for you to work in. That unique place in society that you were created for. It will lead you to personal excellence and help you live a fulfilled life, your place of your highest and best contribution in this world.

The University for Societal Architecture has the enormous privilege to work together with Mr. Lynn Taylor, the founder of Taylor Protocols Inc.™ who created the CVI™ in his turn-around management business.

The Core Value Index™ (CVI™) is a revolutionary assessment tool that reveals the innate nature of a person and their core motivational drivers. The CVI™ provides a 97% repeat-score reliability, year over year.

You can take the FREE Core Values Index Assessment and discover your unique innate core value minutes. You will be amazed at its accuracy. (As part of the course fee we will upgrade your free CVI™ to the Comprehensive CVI™ ($50 value))

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and discover who you really are.

Register Now!

The First 2017 Graduating Class of the University of Societal Architecture

The First 2017 Graduating Class of the University of Societal Architecture

The First 2017 Graduating Class of the University of Societal Architecture

What a celebration it was when we met each other face to face for the first time, listening to each other’s life’s story, and celebrating the enormous effort and accomplishment of each student.