Everything changed when I found my divine purpose!

Enjoy this testimony from a graduate of the University of Social Architecture:

I am a Panamanian and an architect by profession, which I practiced for awhile. However, I left my work 8 years ago, and since then, I have dedicated myself to my family.

I would like to tell you that since 2014, I have been living in constant renewal and growth on a spiritual and mental level. In 2015, I had the opportunity to start studying at the University of Social Architecture where, in the hands of a team of wonderful people who are now part of my life, I began to prepare. At that time, I did not realize what I was actually preparing for. But what I can tell you now, it was my calling.

Two years of pure revelation and discovery opened up my mind and expanded my horizon to know God's will for my life and the world. I’m still experiencing that awakening through dreams and ideas that come with the deep desire to sow joy, color, love and hope in this world. To my surprise, those years flew by! They felt like when you sit down to delight in something that is so rich, you want to take it in little by little, and you don’t want it to end. So it was with my studies, one subject after another. Finally, I became a “Social Architect”. I finished my studies with the deep desire to do something meaningful with my life.

Now, I am an intentional woman, whose vision is to express through drawings and writings, all the revelation I receive from Him during my day and as I prepare; revelation from the One in whom I have found love and security to live from what is beginning to be the best version of myself.

Perhaps in these words you find encouragement and revelation for you. If you feel that we speak the same language, from heart to heart, I invite you to connect with the University of Social Architecture. It will change your life, as it changed me.

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Patricia Taylor
Graduate of the University of Social Architecture