For God so loved the world

The Societal Architects’ Tribe
For God so loved the world

John 3:16 is a well known Bible verse which speaks of God’s love for the “world”. Delving a little deeper and looking for the meaning of the word “world” in the original language, I discovered that the word “world” comes from the word “cosmos”, that is, everything that has been created by God.

The Bible says that God is the owner of the entire cosmos. His love and the redemptive work of Jesus goes beyond just saving souls. His redemptive plan involved all creation.

How important it is for us to understand this and focus on the task ahead… to love in the same way that God loves all of His creation and to bring His Kingdom to all areas that comprise and represent the family, education, economy, government, media, and the arts and religion, where God wants to be Lord again.

We are all invited to be part of this great call to exercise His rule and authority… to go beyond the goal of only winning souls. God desires we establish His Kingdom throughout the cosmos.

Dr. Kees-Jan de Maa