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Don’t you think one of the most beautiful characteristics of a human being is the desire to grow? When we meet someone who wants to improve, is willing to learn, humble to ask, and who is pliable and committed, it’s spectacular!

With such a person there will be hope for what he wants to achieve!

Humility and being teachable are two fundamental virtues to growing as a person. Being open to see what you can’t see, to discard what doesn’t work, to add what is missing and to change what is needed, makes you a candidate for moving forward, and for others to want to help you!

God is the "Potter” who works with the humble and pliable, with those who want to learn how to improve.

What kind of clay are you?

Do not let the fear that others don’t value and respect you, nor internal insecurity that manifests in a prideful attitude that says you already know it all, nor any other similar attitude, rob you of being pliable and committed to grow.

A wise person recognizes who they are and what brought them to where they are.

In order to achieve more, they will gladly surrender all in order for the more to be added to their lives.

Have you noticed that the requirement for others to teach you and want to help you is your humility, teachability, commitment and flexibility?

Invest in your improvement! We start with new courses next Monday, August 26th.

Choose the course that you need the most to grow in what you can become!

Note: If you are taking a course for the first time in this University we recommend that you start with this course: “Your New Identity in Christ”.

Our metodology: The video teachings are recorded and online. You can study at any time that is convenient for you. The course duration is two months, and takes about two hours a week.

Candy de Maa