“I’m Jonas Rodriguez Perez from The Canary Islands, Spain. I graduated from the University for Societal Architecture. I am a Doctor in Linguistics, specialized in languages, and am currently working as a high school English professor.

The University for Societal Architecture was instrumental in completely renewing my way of thinking in regards to understanding that my destiny, divine purpose and ministry go beyond what I do inside the building in which we unite as a church. It is true that I knew that before I started studying, but, without a doubt, it has greatly helped me to clear out doubts and fears I had about that.

Although the courses deal with different topics, they all have been a source of inspiration in this regard: from multiple perspectives, they agree about renewing our way of thinking so we can be the best possible contribution to this world, wherever God puts us.

Personally, one of the courses that I liked the best was “Virtuous Leadership” since it helped me to know the weak and strong points of my temperament, and enabled me to live a more balanced life.” - Jonas Rodriguez

This is only one of the many testimonies that we regularly hear about the renewal of the way of thinking, transformation and personal development that our students go through, thanks to each one of the courses that we offer at the University for Societal Architecture.

Jonas studied online from Spain, even though he was studying for his doctorate and worked as a school teacher. The methodology of the University is very flexible, designed knowing that people have jobs, families, responsibilities at church and outside the church, etc.

Jonas managed to do it because all the courses are recorded on video, which you can access at any hour of the day; if you’re very busy, you can listen to the audios and download the corresponding manuals to each course. You can count on having a person who attends to you personally and helps you with whatever you need. All these courses are online, so you can study wherever and whenever.

Just like Jonas, you too can increase your potential with the variety of courses that the University for Societal Architecture offers. Dare to be transformed!

Choose the course that you need right now, and start NOW with a self-study course.

Best regards,
Kees-Jan de Maa