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My name is Narciza Herrera. I am 51 years old and I am from Ecuador. I am a teacher and a happy woman. I am a graduate of the University For Societal Architecture (UFSA) where I was transformed by each course I took at this university. Every day I use what I learned to build a strong family.

If you are studying at UFSA, or are thinking about doing it, it’s because God thought of you and imagined fulfilling your divine purpose.

How many people do not develop what they can be because they don’t know the potential within themselves? This is how UFSA equips us to impact our generation. It’s a journey of discovery and the development of our calling.

I thought it was too late for me, but then I realized that as long as we’re alive, everything is possible with God. Today, thanks to this training, I have my own company in which I am using everything I learned for the good of others.

I was motivated to achieve my dreams. UFSA helped me discover the potential of what I could become. Now, I am in the stage of achieving it! 

What a sense of accomplishment! I did it!

If you are searching for excellence, studying at UFSA is the best decision!


Narciza Herrera
Graduate of the University For Societal Architecture