The four main chapters of the Bible

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The four main chapters of the Bible

As we know, the Bible is made up of many books, and as we look and study it, we begin to observe and understand that it can be divided into 4 main segments or chapters. Dividing history into 4 specific events or “chapters” from the beginning of Genesis until the“restoration of all things” .

The first chapter is all about the creation of world and discovering what God’s intent was when he created the earth. What was his purpose in creation? In the second chapter we read about the fall of man, and all of its consequences and then we read how God gave the law to his people in the desert. The third chapter teaches the Redemptive work of Christ, and how he gave up his life as a Ransom. In the last and final “chapter”, the Bible focuses on Restoration. The time period inaugurated by Christ’s birth and globally launched at the day of Pentecost.

The last 200 years of church history seemed to focus solely on chapters 2 and 3. The Fall and Redemption. But what about chapter 4? This is the last and final chapter we all live in and we need to ask ourselves, ”What is it that God wants us to do on earth as His collaborators?” We need to look back to chapter 1 and understand God’s original intent and work with Christ as the head of His church in fulfilling His will: “Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matt 6:10).

Dr. Kees-Jan de Maa