The Law of Expansion


The Law of Expansion

Do you want to be an effective leader in what you do? Do you want to go far and succeed in your plans? If so, you need to understand the importance of The Law of Expansion.

In ancient times, when men went out to conquer new lands, they had one purpose: to expand their territory. Conquering was one thing, but to keep new territory under their control was quite another thing. They had to effectively expand their influence and leadership.

Nowadays, men and women continue to expand their territories, not necessarily physical, but in terms of growing, increasing, elevating their capacity to think, all of which play vital roles in expanding their realm of influence and leadership.

If you analyze carefully the lifestyle of the most successful, innovative people of recent times, they all have one thing in common: they never stopped learning. Continuous learning, in addition to taking action on new ideas and knowledge, are fundamental characteristics of people who understand the greatness of the potential God has placed within them.

Now, you could be thinking you are fine where you are, that you don’t need to go out to conquer new territory. Truth is, in life everything is in constant motion, and if you aren’t growing, you actually are “shrinking”.

The Law of Expansion goes further than you can imagine! Seize growth opportunities and expand your mind with new ideas that will help you fulfill your potential and your capacity to serve those around you.

Always keep growing!

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Drs. Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa

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