What is a Societal Architect?

The Societal Architects’ Tribe
What is a Societal Architect?

The Bible speaks of God as the Great Architect of the Universe, and Jesus being the Builder of His house, His Church (Heb 3). We have been created in the image of God with creative gifts, talents, and abilities as tools to use here on earth.

God wants us to be builders and architects of His will. He plants seeds of great potential within us, and with His help, we can turn them into major projects to positively influence the different areas of society. God desires to reveal effective solutions that are already a reality in heaven, for every situation that works against His will here on earth. God has a perfect plan in the heaven.

At the University for Societal Architecture, we call those leading constructors Societal Architects, like Moses, whom the Bible refers to as an architect. He, through divine revelation, received the blueprints from God to build His tabernacle where His presence would remain. In the same way, we can receive divine revelation to develop and establish projects of God in every sphere of our society.

You can become a societal architect, having the right relationship with God, the Great Architect and Builder. We can dream His dreams and, through faith, build His will here on earth as it is already built in heaven!

Dr. Kees-Jan de Maa