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One of the goals of the University for Societal Architecture is that you as a student discover who you really are. Understanding your true identity, discovering your talents, gifts, calling, temperaments and purpose and place in life. “Discover Your Innate Core Values™” adds a whole new level to understanding who you are at the deepest unchanging innate core level of your being. It will help you discover how to be your highest and best contribution in this world.

We will dive into how you can Discover Your Innate Core Values (CVI™) or your Human Operating System™".

Thanks to the collaboration and partnership with Lynn Taylor, the founder of Taylor Protocols and the creator of the Core Value Index™ we are able to offer this amazing science to you online.

The CVI™ was created as a recruitment tool that links the motivational drivers of candidates with the key responsibilities of a job. This evaluation is different from traditional models because those models produce information derived mainly from the candidate's opinion about himself. The CVI™ goes beyond measuring behavior and personality. It shows your unchanging innate core values or contributions, that are unique to you, and make you who you are.

Lynn E Taylor Founder of Taylor Protocols

Lynn E Taylor Founder of Taylor Protocols

“Show me who I really am and I will do something meaningful with my life.”
— Lynn E. Taylor, Lift

"Discover Your Innate Core Values™" will help you discover your innate core values and operating system and will answer many questions, helping you understand yourself and others better and find your place of highest and best contribution in this world.

  • We all want to know why we act and respond the way we do in comparison with others around us. What makes us different from others?

  • The CVI™ goes beyond the tests based on behavior and personality because it shows the innate and immutable motivators of the individual's operating system.

  • You will discover your way of reasoning, operating, deciding, learning; Why certain fears arise within you, your conflict strategies and above all, what are your intrinsic contributions to serve others and be the essential part you were meant to be within your team.

  • This understanding will help you improve your relationships with others because you will learn to recognize why you react the way you do and why people around you react and act the way they do.

  • In this course you will take the Extensive Core Values Index (CVI™) test. ($50 value) A unique tool that will help you understand how you are wired. You will see yourself as you have never seen yourself before.

  • The CVI™ is a tool that provides accurate information to help you maximize your potential contribution; resulting in greater personal fulfillment, commitment and productivity in what you do. The right person in the right seat!

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CVI Graph of Innate Contributions
  • The CVI™ measures the internal innate motivators, according to the unchanging nature of the person.

  • You will understand what kind of activities or jobs fit better with you, according to your innate core values. After this course you will feel more purposeful and at the same time realized because you will know how to find your place of greatest contribution in this world. You will know what you can and should do, but also what you should not do or even try.

  • "Discover your Innate Core Values" will help you improve operational functioning of you and others in your team and as a result will increase the productivity of your company or organization.

  • The CVI™ gives clarity to effective collaboration based on team contributions.

  • The CVI™ answers the typical business question: "How can I quickly find the right person, for the right place to do the right job?"

  • The CVI™ has been the key to turn around management for over 700 companies worldwide and help them achieve increased productivity.

  • Discover your unique contributions, and become the best version of yourself!

The course includes:

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Meet the Teachers:

  • Practical lessons from Dr. Melodye Hilton, a Personal Trainer, Licensed Coach and Master VAR with Taylor Protocols.

  • In depth insights from Mr. Lynn Taylor, the founder of Taylor Taylor Protocols and the creator of the CVI™.

  • Dan Cox, Executive Coach and Master VAR. Who has worked and applied the CVI™ for over 10 years in his practice.

  • Drs. Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa. Certified Master VARS with Taylor Protocols and directors of the University for Societal Architecture.

Included in the 8 week Online Course:

  • The Comprehensive CVI™ assessment with the Full Extended Report of your results. ($50US value)

  • The Core Values Handbook by Lynn Taylor in PDF format. Introducing the only assessment that characterizes and measures the innate unchanging nature of people. A complete manual of the CVI, its interpretation and its direct personal and business applications. ($20US value)

  • Course manual by Dr. Candy de Maa
    Written specifically to accompany the 8 weeks of the class. An incredible tool to better understand what the CVI™ means to you, your marriage, family, job, business or community.

  • Teachings by Dr. Melodye Hilton, Lynn Taylor and Dan Cox.

  • A Moderator that will help you get started in the course and guide you if you need help.

  • Access to our Professional Online Learning Platform and the rest of your classmates. All the video session, manuals and Keynotes are available 24/7. So you can study when you want.

  • All Videos are also available in Audio Format, so can listen as you drive or walk.

  • You will have access to the course for 58 days from the moment you sign up for the course. You can work at the speed you want, but plan your weeks so you can finish the course within 58 days.

  • It only takes an average of 2-2.5 hours a week to study.You will be interacting and sharing with other students and make friends and learn at the same time.

  • We will also have a live hangout (video conference) where you get to know your classmates and ask the questions you might have.

  • In this course you will be inspired, acquire knowledge, and motivated to step into a whole new world of discovering yourself and others so you can become more effective in your work and relationships:

  • You will learn about personality, how adaptive values are formed and how they are different from innate fundamental values.

  • These teachings will take you beyond your personality and the values you have adopted, to act according to the awareness of your innate contribution.

  • This course will help you step into your future with confidence, knowing who you are and what contribution you are to be and make.

Meet Dr. Melodye Hilton.

Dr Melodye Hilton

Dr Melodye Hilton

Dr. Melodye Hilton works with individuals as well as workgroups around the globe as a Leadership Consultant and Behavioral Analyst. Through years of leadership experience and consulting she has developed a unique and personal approach to creating a positive, sustainable impact within her spheres of influence. Her passion is in the development of people, which are the greatest resource of any organization.

Dr. Melodye’s recognition extends throughout all ages, socio-economic, and educational backgrounds through her work in corporate and local business, government, not-for-profit organizations, as well as public and private educational sectors. She has served as Vice-President of a not-for-profit corporation for over 30 years and founded International Training Center: School of Emerging Leaders for the development and equipping of both emerging and established leaders.

Dr. Melodye Hilton is Certified Master VAR with Taylor Protocols and highly qualified to teach on the CVI™.

Dr. Melodye Hilton   -  Website:

Meet Lynn E. Taylor - the founder of Taylor Protocols, is the creator of the Core Value Index™ (CVI™)

Lynn E. Taylor

Lynn E. Taylor

Lynn Taylor, the founder of Taylor Protocols, is the creator of the Core Value Index™ (CVI™), a recruitment tool that links the motivational drivers of candidates with the key responsibilities of a job. This evaluation is different from traditional models because they produce information derived mainly from the candidate's opinion about himself.

The CVI™ is about to surpass the ONE MILLION benchmark and is installed in more than 700 companies in 26 countries.

Lynn has extensive experience serving as interim CEO for numerous companies and turned around over 200 organizations using the science of the CVI™. He has positioned more than 8000 individuals into their seat of highest and best contribution so you know you’re working with an expert.


Some other interesting details about Lynn. In the early days Lynn worked alongside Dr. Ed Geiger, pioneering the development of the world’s first non-invasive cardiac-output computer. He used similar pattern-matching algorithms to produce the first IBM PC-compatible speech recognition system. Today, Lynn uses the same scientific approach to develop Top Performer Profiles™ which when paired with the CVI™ accurately pre-select future top performers for any position in any company. Taylor Protocols also performs Team Leadership Training and Human Capital Audits, both designed to optimize your existing teams and increase revenues.

Course Prices

Individual Sign UP: $297 USD
Groups: $247 USD per accredited student (A group of minimum 7 persons who pay $247 USD is required)
Spouses: $197 USD - After the Minimum of 7 persons in a group is met, the spouses of those in that group can study for $197 USD

To redeem the lower Group Prices the Group Leader will give the Discount Coupon for each group Member. Learn more about forming a group here.

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Collaboration between the University for Societal Architecture and Taylor Protocols

Candy, Lynn, Kees-Jan at Taylor Protocols in Seattle WA.

Candy, Lynn, Kees-Jan at Taylor Protocols in Seattle WA.

When Dr. Melodye Hilton first introduced us to Lynn Taylor’s CVI™ in 2016 we were deeply impacted by the full extended report and its application in our lives, marriage and organization of the staff at the University and Ministry. It was clear to us that this was something each student or person needed to know in order to better understand and live a fulfilled life in our sphere of influence in society. In 2017 we were able to offer “Discover your Innate Core Values” in Spanish with the help of Dr. Melodye Hilton and other resources from Taylor Protocols in our University. The amazing team of translators and editors of the University did an amazing job! The students loved the “Discover your Innate Core Values” (CVI™) course and many wanted to get trained and certified as VARS. A program Lynn Taylor has developed that trains you to explain and use the CVI in your Coaching, Consulting etc.

In February 2018, we were personally trained by Lynn Taylor as Master VARs, so the University for Societal Architecture could now offer the Spanish Practitioner and VAR Certification for those interested to take this knowledge and its application to a whole new level. A first in Spanish and the history of Taylor Protocols and the University for Societal Architecture!

Starting in March 2019, the University for Societal Architecture will be able to offer the highly anticipated and in depth Practitioner and VAR Certification Program also online in English!
A first in the history of Taylor Protocols and the University.

Drs. Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa

Drs. Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa

It is such a joy working together with Lynn Taylor and his team, who’s vision we love and share. We feel honored to be a part of making this available in Spanish and English. Take advantage and join this introductory but profound course “Discover your Innate Core Values” (CVI™) in English. Also a first in our University.

As we continue to discover more and more of its application in our daily life, relationships and workplace, we highly recommend you see how this works for yourself, your family and work as you will discover how to become the best and highest contribution you were meant and designed to be in this world.

Drs. Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa - Founders and Directors of the University for Societal Architecture.

Student Course Testimonies

"I was very surprised to understand that I can know myself so much and I can operate in different contributions where I have difficulty but are necessary at the moment , this is really revealing. " -Margarita María Paternina Gómez

"The importance of being aware of the core value in which I am to operate and the fact that if I am aware of it, I can generate a change in the place where I am operating, I have the ability to modify how my brain acts and therefore to change how I act, I
have also learned how the CVI™ goes beyond the work environment and I can apply it in all my contexts and environments. "
-Maru de León

The truth is that this Mr. Taylor found an excellent way to get to know ourselves better than any test based on temperaments or personality. I love it, because I know when I'm contributing either with power (my biggest contribution) or with knowledge (my second contribution). -Sylvia Gomez

"This kind of revelation that is helping me so much to get knowledge of myself! Now I am more aware of what my fears are that detonate me according to my highest contributions, I am alert now and do no longer fall into the trap of self-sabotage.
This is quite a challenge but as Dr. Melodye said, I am moving forward with small changes that allow me to put into practice what I am learning,
I hope to find an improved Kenia and become a more conscious version of myself at the end of this class and have the discipline of keep working on this. " - Kenya Salas

"I learned that I can change from one contribution to another intentionally,
I learned that what I can change in my life, by making good decisions, seeing that which is good for me and for all those around me, leaving fear aside. Impressive teaching, how it will help us improve our relationships, I will continue to study this. It left a deep impression understanding my Primary Innate Core Values. They guide me on the way, they allow me not to deviate from my purpose. " - Yolanda Cuevas

We are finishing week 7. For the first time in all my years I have become aware of my fears and I am surpassing them, I have walked more safely, I am practicing the teaching of Dr. Melodye. "This is the moment of knowledge", I pause, I think and if I'm not operating in the proper contribution I am supposed to be at this moment, I move on to my second core value, "This is the moment for love or this is the moment for Wisdom". Thank you because these classes have helped us to get to know ourselves, our spouse, our children and people that surround us. From now on we will improve our relationships because I already know that we should celebrate each one and their contributions, so that we are giving our highest and best in this world where we serve.

There is a lot of gratitude with God first for having put us on this path of knowing you, all those who do UAS, each of the Masters who have sown the good seed in us, Dr. Melodye Hilton for her powerful contribution to inspire us and Mr. Lynn Taylor because he has given us a license to know us and reclaim our life. Everything has taught me, it has shaped me as a true Social Architect, it has given me the identity of a daughter and to be a better wife and Mother. We have gone through a time of TRANSFORMATION, to become what God wants us to be, that we function and make the greatest contribution to this world. To my colleagues, friends, colleagues, thanks for maintaining the height in our relationships, contributions, I am happy to belong to this group. Thank you God for Maa's family, because they had this dream that included us. Narciza Herrera

Take the FREE CVI™ assessment now

The Core Values Index is the only assessment to showcase the core motivational drivers that dictate performance. These drivers dictate the behaviors and desired work that develop self-esteem, causing people to subconsciously seek work where they can make their highest contribution.


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