Higher Living Leadership


Higher Living Leaders embrace the attributes that unleash their personal leadership value, generate it in others, and positively transform culture.

“I am convinced that there are key principles that have the power to change a leader internally as well as empower them to bring external change within their spheres of influence. For years I have repackaged relevant business concepts, such as EQ-Emotional Intelligence, to communicate my personal passion. Knowing that language is a key to describe the essence of a message, I am now mingling my research, experience and voice to introduce the concept of Validation Quotient-the attributes that unleash personal leadership value, generate it in others, and positively transform culture.”
— Dr. Melody Hilton


  • Learn the attributes of the revolutionary concept, Validation Quotient-unleashing personal leadership value, generating it in others, and positively transforming culture.

  • Engage in higher thinking-the ability to properly assess one’s thoughts, emotions, attitudes, actions, and reactions.

  • Learn the Science of re-wiring one’s brain to produce a higher-quality life.

  • Gain trust-building principles through aspects of both competence and character that are essential to any relationship whether personal or professional.

  • Develop the aptitude to define personal purpose, strengths, passions, and values-motivated behaviors.

  • Find the treasure of hidden potential and character-driven leadership that awakens courage and causes us to hold steady the course in the face of adversity.

  • Discover the power of empathy through the Science of the brain as a highly social organ in need of value and validation.

  • Plus much more!


Meet your instructor.

Acton Institute

Dr. Melodye Hilton works with individuals as well as workgroups around the globe as a Leadership Consultant and Behavioral Analyst. Through years of leadership experience and consulting she has developed a unique and personal approach to creating a positive, sustainable impact within her spheres of influence. Her passion is in the development of people, which are the greatest resource of any organization.

Dr. Melodye’s recognition extends throughout all ages, socio-economic, and educational backgrounds through her work in corporate and local business, government, not-for-profit organizations, as well as public and private educational sectors. She has served as Vice-President of a not-for-profit corporation for over 30 years and founded International Training Center: School of Emerging Leaders for the development and equipping of both emerging and established leaders.

Dr. Melodye Hilton   -  Website: www.givinglight.org

Student Course Testimonies

“The leadership intensive was top quality, immensely enjoyable, and such vital understanding for this hour“ - Vivian A.

"God has called me to partner with Him in the global awakening and reformation of nations. In my opinion and experience, this leadership intensive is an essential component for content and impartation to fulfill God's mandate for the nations." - Jerome J.

Dr. Melodye Hilton has an amazing ability to communicate truth that challenges your thinking and when applied transforms your life to become that leader of impact your want to be. This course is one of the student's favorite courses. - Dr. Kees-Jan de Maa

"This class exceeded all expectations. It is not only the revelation and knowledge from Dr. Melodye, but also her anointing. I really think my heart is being transformed and my thoughts are being aligned to God's, confirming the purpose for which I have been created". - Kenia Salas

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