How to Pray Effectively


In “How to pray effectively” we teach how valuable, easy, and simple is a life of prayer. When we learn to pray, not religiously but from an intimate personal relationship with God knowing how to pray in different situations that may arise, the believer’s lifestyle becomes attractive and exciting, full of hope for what God will do through those times they spend with Him.

The disciples didn’t ask Jesus to teach them how to heal the sick or how to do miracles, but to teach them how to pray because they knew that the source of everything they saw in His life came from His prayer time.

When we have a lifestyle of prayer, connected to God and guided by the Holy Spirit, our daily living becomes exciting and full of satisfaction.

In “How To Pray Effectively” we teach about the different types of prayer (more than fifteen varieties), we explain intercession, spiritual warfare, and more. We answer important questions such as: Why should I pray if God knows everything? Why don’t I receive answers to my prayers sometimes? How to know the will of God to pray correctly?, and more.

This class will inspire you to live a life of intimacy with God, you will learn to dwell in safety, to know how to treat spiritually important issues; how to use your authority, how to defeat the enemy, how to establish through your intercession the will of God on Earth, among other topics.


  • Knowing God’s will.

  • What to do when we don’t receive what we have prayed for?.

  • Why do we sometimes don’t receive when we pray?.

  • Obstacles or impediments to receive an answer.

  • Angelic activity in prayer.

V. Intercession

  • Introduction to intercession.

  • The intercessory prayer.

  • Prophetic intercession.

VI. Prayer of government

  • Basis for our authority.

  • Intercesión is powerful.

  • Deliverance and spiritual warfare.

  • Prayer breaking curses.

  • Declaring and decreeing.

  • Angelical activity in prayer.

  • Prayer and fasting.

VII. Intercession for the world

  • Prayer for the world and different spheres of society.

  • Others

I. Prayer, connection with god

  • The most important thing: Our intimacy with God.

  • Aligning ourselves with the heart of God.

II. The importance of prayer

  • The importance of prayer.

  • Benefits of prayer.

  • Participating with God.

III. Prayers of communion with god

  • The counsel of God.

  • We live under open heavens. By Bill Johnson.

  • Introduction types of prayer.

  • The Lord’s Prayer.

  • Prayer of praise and thanksgiving.

  • Entering in worship and glory.

  • Dwelling in His presence receiving His grace..

  • Praying in the Spirit.

  • Prayer of consecration

IV. Prayers of petition

  • The importance of prayers of petition.

  • Prayer of petition.

  • Agreeing in prayer.

  • Praying the Scriptures.

  • Intercession for your family.

Meet your instructors.

Drs. Kees-Jan & Candy de Maa

Drs. Kees-Jan & Candy de Maa

Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa are dedicated to inspiring and equipping others so they can do what inspires them. They believe that every human being was created with a purpose, unique gifts and talents that are necessary contributions to our world. As we collaborate with others, together we can discover, design, shape and implement the designs that will help the different cultures flourish.

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Student Course Testimonies

“These teachings are so RICH! with the anointing and power of prayer. And Dr. Carolyn Leaf was exceptional in her teaching of the mind and prayer WOW! Such practical steps with measurable progress coupled with laser focus on the things that need to be dealt with to take us to that place of the you God created us to be and to function.”

“I am enjoying the videos! They are well made and the content is rich with love and insight for prayer and personal commitment. I believe with all my heart this is what I needed to hear to increase my prayer time and impact.” - David Blunt

“Wow! Glory to God! Thank you, Thank you, for bringing these teachings, God is always on time, given us what we need, so many times we focus in the problem and not enough in God that has the solution, making the problem bigger that our God, I have learn a lot today. Thank you again.” - Maria Thelma Alfaro

Thank you for these lessons Candy and Kees-Jan, they were all very good. I received much insight and light especially on reasons why some of my prayers haven't been answered yet, the importance of waiting on God, guarding our hearts, and persevering in prayer when other people are involved in bringing the answer. This was powerful. It encouraged me and built my faith knowing that God does hear me and the answers are on the way!

"Thank you Kees-Jan and Candy for this great course! It has strengthened my faith and answered some questions I had about prayer. I received revelation about the different types of prayer and importance of being a co-laborer with Christ in shaping and impacting society for the kingdom of God." - Ana Gonzalez

"I feel encouraged to have learned about these different types of prayers, I am excited to put them into practice and experience more of God!" - Jessica Acosta

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