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What a difference it makes knowing things!

A few years ago we lived in a home where we had two avocado trees in the yard with lots of fruit, but we never got to eat the avocados because they were never ripe enough. When we sold the house, we heard about how delicious the avocados were. We asked ourselves, "Aren’t the trees wild and the avocados inedible? But we were told, "They’re so delicious! You just have to wrap them in paper and keep them in a dark place to ripen them.” Imagine our reaction after hearing that! Especially considering how much we love avocados!. We couldn’t believe it - we didn’t get to enjoy them for not knowing something so basic!

Has something like this ever happened to you?

Sometimes we lose opportunities, not because there aren't any, but because we don't have the knowledge to take advantage of them. How often we don’t know how to improve things simply because we don't have the understanding to do it?

The more we know about something, the easier it’ll be innovating for improvement! All because we have the knowledge that makes the difference!

Lack of understanding limits your improvement!

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