Royal Caribbean Cruise - Navigator of the Seas

Join us as we celebrate the amazing progress each Societal Architect has made in the University.
We want to celebrate this as we should. On a 5 star Cruise Ship in the high seas, on the Navigator of the Seas in the Caribbean!

During this graduation we will celebrate those getting the 1st. year certificate, those that graduate as Junior Societal Architects getting their 2nd year diploma. We will also celebrate the Practitioners and Vars who completed the special training with Taylor Protocols in the University.

We will meet with the Network of Alignment of Societal Architects.

Amazing Braodway Shows right on the Cruise

Amazing Braodway Shows right on the Cruise

You are invited, as well as your companions, to enjoy this time of celebration and fellowship. During the trip, we will have the graduation ceremony and other special meetings, but the rest of the time, you will be able to enjoy time with your family, DRS. Kees-Jan and Candy the directors, our amazing moderators, and other societal architects. We will share spontaneous time together during those days, and we will have dinner at night as a group.

Make plans to celebrate this special time with us and with the other international students from the University! It will be a time of fellowship and inspiration.

Navigator of the Seas dininghqdefault.jpg

Click on this link to get all the details of the Cruise. You will have to book for yourself and family. UFSA does not do that for you. Please follow instructions in the PDF. All food and activities on the ship are included and you will travel for a lot less than any other way of vacationing. Most of the mornings you will wake up and visit another country in the Caribbean.

Note: Even if you are not graduating this year, you are also invited to share this special time with the UFSA family and celebrate your classmates.

We want to thank God and the UFSA team for the growth and expansion of the University. Seeing the fruit in your lives is what most satisfies us. We are convinced that God has a great purpose for each of you and we are honored to be a part of it.

Go ahead with all that God has for you, we are happy that you are a part of the UFSA family. Let's celebrate together!

Click here to download the PDF with all the Cruise Information.

With love,
Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa
Directors of UFSA

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