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The Leadership Training Program is a powerful way for the marketplace leader to use our professional teaching platforms and create his/her own online private classroom.

Marketplace Leadership Training Program

At the University for Societal Architecture, we are dedicated to inspiring and equipping you as a leader to fulfill God's purpose in your life and become a Societal Architect who implements your God-given blueprints. Through this program, we will provide the best tools for you to lead your tribe. 

For that, we have created a series of varied teachings with the goal of helping the student develop all the potential God has given them and for them to grow in a healthy and integral way, to flourish and carry fruit in all areas of their personal and professional lives.

The Leadership Training Courses offer video teachings with manuals included, which you can access through the internet. In this way, the leader of the organization can offer a wider variety of teachings in their educational system in order to advance the growth and development of their people. As the leader of your tribe you now have the possibility to moderate and lead your own students in your own private classroom.

The Leadership Training Courses are teachings with an enriching and practical content available at an affordable price.



Ideal for organizations that prefer their leaders to learn at their own pace from their homes. 


The best of both worlds. Connection through personal study and local study.



With this modality, students study only digitally with the guidance and leadership of the local moderator.

It is a very practical and effective way of preparing your leaders. In today’s busy schedule the student can watch and listen to all the courses on any device or computer. Instead of teaching every Wednesday night for an hour, you can now advance and teach 3 or 4 times as much in less time. No travel time, gas costs or traffic jams, babysitters and other unnecessary costs. The student can spent another evening with family or friends as he/she chooses when to study. When the leaders gather, this time can be used more effectively as you talk and share about the learned materials and seek to implement this in your organization.   


Next to the online course access, the local moderator can teach the students locally as well.

Using a TV screen (ex. home cell groups) or in a physical location (classroom) with a TV or video projector.

Both online and local options are included in the student registration price, allowing each student personal access to the digital platform for the duration of the course. The digital access will allow the student to study the course online if he or she was not able to participate in the local session.


The Leadership Training Courses offer online video and audio lessons. Include a manual per student, quizzes, in-course interaction and are accessible on any computer or smart device while connected to the internet. 


  • A responsible local leader that will serve as the local moderator and contact person.
    • (recommended that this person has followed the moderated courses in UFSA)
  • Minimum student requirement: 10 students


  • Choice of one of the Leadership Training Courses
  • Access to your private online classroom
  • Online access per student to the course material
  • Option to present the course material locally
  • Includes course manual in PDF  (can be printed)
  • The leader/moderator can communicate with his students through the online platform. It also provides online interaction between the students.
  • Online training of the local moderator.
  • Full package of class material
  • Downloadable presentations (Keynote/Powerpoint)
  • Forums and quiz options
  • Recommendations of books and publications
  • Complementary lessons

Audit: only $49 per student per 8 week self-study course.

Accredited: Only $70 per student per 8 week moderated course.

(For groups larger than 50 students contact us for group discount options)



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