Group Training Courses FAQ's

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Group Leadership Training Courses -  Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone use the Group Leadership Training (GLTC) option?
Yes. The one condition is that the group leader is responsible and has experience leading his/her group. Responsibility in maintaining proper contact with the University’s contact person is expected. UFSA has to approve each application, and reserves the right to refuse access to the GLTC program. Any misuse of the platform or systems offered can result in the closing of the account.

Can our group take different courses at the same time?
Yes, there is no limit to the courses you can take at the same time. Because of the different areas and interests of people in your organization you can choose as many courses as you need at the same time. The basic requirements apply for each course.  

When does the course start and end?
If the group joins the Scheduled Moderated Courses, the course starts on the published dates. When the group has chosen a private classroom the course can start at any time. Giving the UFSA staff at least 7-14 days to gather information and set up the account.

How long goes the course last?
The course duration is 8 weeks. In order to be accredited for the course, each student needs to finish their homework assignments on time.

How long do I have access to the course?
Access to the course will continue for a full year, starting from the day the course started. 

Can I purchase the course for one person only?
The group requirement for the GLTC courses is a minimum of 7 or 10 students who pay US$70. This is to justify the costs and work it takes to setup the private classroom and add the students and create their access.  

Is the private course visible in the UFSA website?
No the private course will not show up publicly in our UFSA website. The leader will receive a URL (link) to the private course that he/she can use in emails with the students. Giving access to each student after teh course payments have been received. 

Costs and course material:
The price is per student, per course. The private classroom will be created after the payment of all students has been received from the local leader. The local leader is responsible for this. We will provide further information and guidance on how to sign each student up in the classroom, or for more students to be added.

How can each student pay?
Each student can pay each course directly in the online platform. The University will send a unique link that includes the discount to the leader and the leader sends these to the members of his/her group. This is the best and fastest way. All online payments are in US$. You can pay with different credit and (some) debit cards. If students do not have a credit card, the local moderator is responsible for collecting the money and transfer the money to UFSA. Preferably with a credit card. Our team will provide the information needed to do this.

Can I pay in a foreign currency?
All courses are paid in US$. As you charge the students keep this in mind so you charge enough calculating currency fluctuations.

How do the students get access to the online platform and courses?
After the group leader has updated the list of students in a shared document send by the University contact person, and paid their fees, the moderator will receive an unique access code for each student. The moderator can sent these to each of the students and the student creates his/her own account in a few minutes.

Can I download the classes to my computer?
No, the classes can only be seen in the online platform, for which access to the internet is needed.

Can the student print the manual?
Yes. Each student can download and print their manual for personal use.

Will the student receive a certificate after the course?
If the student finishes the accredited course requirements the University keeps a record of that. As the student finishes the 2 year or 12 course program, he or she graduates as a Societal Architect and receives a diploma of the University at graduation.  The university does not provide certificates per course, but the leadership can, if desired recognize student attendance with a certificate of completion from its own education system.

Are the GLTC courses accredited?
This depends on the study option chosen by each student. If the student chooses the accredited course option and pays the corresponding fee, a moderator will be assigned to assist the student during the course.  

How can I get more information and get started?
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