Local Seminar Courses FAQ's

(Frequently Asked Questions)


How long does a Seminar last?
Depending on the Seminar, it takes between 7-9 sessions. Example: Starting the conference on Friday night where the first 3 sessions are taught. On Saturday the other 6 sessions can be taught.

Can you teach the seminars to an audience that is not Christian?
The Seminars we teach can both be taught in a corporate/marketplace or church setting. The focus of the teaching can be adjusted according to the needs of the audience. Our personal beliefs are based on a Christian Worldview, but can be taught in a way that non-believers can also understand and benefit from the principles we teach.

How much will it cost?
The costs of travel (airplane, car etc) and lodging (hotel and meals) for the teachers need to be covered by the organizer of the conference.
The travel arrangements are done by our team and proposed to the organizer and paid up front. If you gather more than 250 people for the event we charge a per person fee. The organizer can charge the attendee on top of that to cover the costs of the event. We use a chart with attendee costs where we lower the price per person as the number of attendees grows. This works to the benefit of the organizer. If the group is smaller than 250 people we ask for a flat honorarium for the complete seminar. Our exec. assistant will offer more detailed information after we have confirmed the possibility to come.

Will the student receive a certificate after the course?
We do not offer certificates. The organizer of the conference can recognize student attendance with a certificate of studies from its own organization.

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