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Lynn Taylor, founder of Taylor Protocols is the creator of the Core Values Index™ (CVI ™)

Lynn Taylor, founder of Taylor Protocols is the creator of the Core Values Index™ (CVI ™)

Lynn Taylor, the founder of Taylor Protocols, is the creator of the Core Values Index™ (CVI™), a recruitment tool that links the motivational driving forces of candidates with the key responsibilities of a job. This evaluation is different from traditional models because they produce information derived mainly from the candidate's opinion about himself.

The CVI™ has just surpassed the ONE MILLION benchmark and is used by more than 700 companies in 26 countries.

Lynn has more than 20 years experience serving as interim CEO for numerous companies and has turned around more than 240 organizations using the CVI™. More than 800 individuals have been given positions in companies according to their best and highest contribution, such companies as Merrill Lynch, AT&T, KCI Technologies Inc., The Resource Inc., Veolia, to name a few.

“Show me who I really am and I will do something meaningful with my life.”
— Lynn E. Taylor
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Lynn has written several practical books about the CVI™ tool. He has trained hundreds of leaders who expand and apply it around the world. Early on in his career, he worked together with Dr. Ed Geiger, pioneer in the development of the first computer in the world that provided non-invasive cardiac information. This work required Lynn to create algorithms for pattern-recognition and pattern-matching. In 1983, Lynn applied his algorithm knowledge to speech technology creating the first IBM PC-compatible speech recognition system, the same technology that gives us what is commonly known and used today as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Lynn’s work, in its earliest stages, was the forerunner to the scientific system that created, for example, Apple’s Siri.

Taylor Protocols offers a variety of services to help optimize the potential of individuals, teams and revenue increase in companies.

Lynn used the CVI™ scientific system to develop Top Performer Profiles™ and Employment Pre-Selection Sciences™. The accuracy of these tools and the effectiveness of this science has afforded hundreds of companies outstanding growth and, at the same time, great success in assisting individuals to find their place of highest and best contribution. Website: www.taylorprotocols.com

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What is the Core Values Index™ (CVI™)?

The CVI™ is the most powerful human-nature assessment ever developed. It provides an exceptional and reliable description of the INDIVIDUAL'S OPERATING SYSTEM according to their INNATE AND IMMUTABLE nature.

  • The CVI™ shows the innate nature of a person and what their contribution is.

  • The CVI™ shows the principal motivational driving forces of a person when thinking and acting.

  • The CVI™ shows how the person reacts to life challenges and how to overcome them.

  • The CVI™ shows a person’s predictable responses to the challenges of life.

  • The CVI™ shows the ways a person learns according to their operating system.

Why is the CVI™ so successful?

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  • The CVI™ provides the exact information to help the person maximize their contribution potential resulting in greater personal fulfillment, commitment and productivity.

  • The CVI™ answers the typical question of companies: "How can I quickly find the right person, for the right place to do the right job?"

  • The CVI™ measures the internal motivations, according to the nature of the person, which makes them think and operate in a certain way.

  • The CVI™ shows who someone really is: their way of reasoning, operating, how they decide, how they learn, their methods of conflict resolution, their energy of intrinsic contribution to the team, etc.

  • The CVI™ is a very effective tool for coaching helping significantly to improve the personal development of the individual, their family, team, work relationships, etc., and their effective performance in their work.

  • The CVI™ encourages leadership development.

  • The CVI™ gives clarity to effective collaboration based on contributions within the team.

  • The CVI™ provides understanding for the organizational and structural development of companies, increasing their productivity and commercial growth.

The Core Values Index

The Core Values Index resulting from your energy (CVI evaluation) creates an accurate picture of the primary/innate values of each person. The CVI quadrants describe how each person aligns with one of the corresponding values:


Quadrant        Core Value

Builder      Power

Merchant      Love

Innovator         Wisdom

Banker          Knowledge

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The score in each quadrant indicates a relative strength of that primary innate value, compared to the other quadrants.
Generally, a person leans strongly towards one of the core value strategies, and has a second core value strategy which is also a key component.

Most people have two scores in the quadrants that are higher and closer together, compared to the other two quadrants. The strongest core value is called the dominant core value. The next highest core value is called the secondary core value; and the third highest score is called the tertiary core value.


  1. The CVI™ test shows the INNATE OPERATING system of the individual which is immutable (does not change) because it does not depend on their personality, ability or adaptability, which may vary over time.

  2. The CVI™ is a great tool for hiring people. In this evaluation there are no correct or incorrect answers, so there is no place for manipulation by the applicant. The results help the contractor to know how the candidate operates and manages from his innate nature. Other assessment tools are based on questions that the applicant may misrepresent by providing false information to obtain the desired job. In contrast, the CVI™ is composed only of positive values and cannot be manipulated. The applicant cannot assume the answers that he believes the interviewer expects from him.

  3. When the person discovers his innate preference and the understanding of the energy of his contribution, he will enjoy his work more and maximize his potential. This tool is very powerful in coaching.

  4. The CVI™ constant score ensures the 97.7% certainty of the IMMUTABLE measurement of the person's operating system according to their human nature.

  5. Once someone takes the CVI™, it’s enough! The results of the CVI™ do not change over time; therefore, it is not necessary to conduct this test again years later.

  6. The CVI™ is a unique investment because the result of the CVI™ is highly reliable and serves you for the rest of your life.

The reliability score

The reliability score of the results of the CVI™ assessment is 97% repetitive over the years. This constant score assures you the IMMUTABLE measure of the human nature of the individual, helping him to know himself and to offer his best and greatest contribution.

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Take the test for your Core Values Index

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Expedite the productivity of your team and organization

With the results of the CVI™ you can better train each individual and place him in the appropriate work according to their human nature, or guide them to a position that suits them best according to their contribution.

The CVI™ is the only measuring tool in the world that helps the person to discover, according to their operating system and human nature, the job that is right for them! It helps the individual to position themselves in the place where they FEEL FULFILLED, where they can enthusiastically offer their highest and best contribution, resulting in greater commitment and productivity for the company.

When a person takes the CVI™ and is positioned according to their contribution, it will positively influence the team's environment. Their well-being and optimism will extend to their relationships outside of work, in their family and with everyone around them.

The results of the CVI™ will help you position the right person in the right place, producing effectiveness and success for the company.

Improve the hiring process of your organization or company.

  • The CVI™ will result in hiring good employees in your company.

  • The CVI™ will identify people according to their nature and contribution.

  • The CVI™ will prevent continuous changes of personnel.

  • The CVI™ will help to organize the company according to the contributions of each individual.

Core or Innate Values

When we work with Core Values, it provides us with an understanding of the motivation for action, the sense of personal mission, the interpretation of the individual’s work and the activity of life as something significant.

By using the CVI™, a coach helps clients discover who they are and how to consciously direct their life choices according to their deepest and most innate values.


What you are, at a deep and innate level of your human nature, is the most important element in your life.
What you are at this deep level is, after all, the only thing that really contributes to this world. It is through your assignment and correct choices that you can make your highest and best contribution. This is the universal mission of any human being.

The more you learn who you really are, and how to optimize your presence in this world, the greater your success, happiness and effectiveness will be.

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Certify in the CVI™

You can obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to become a successful coach using the CVI™. Learn how to help others identify their innate motivational driving forces, and how to link this knowledge to personal and professional success.

Our program provides entrepreneurial development skills to grow your exceptional coaching practice.

Working with core values provides a springboard for understanding the motivation for action, the sense of personal mission, and the interpretation of individual work or meaningful activity for the person. By using CVI™, a coach helps clients discover who they are and how to consciously direct their life choices based on their deepest core value.

The professional certification program of the practitioner and VAR in the UAS

The University of Social Architecture (UAS) is the first and only institution that offers courses to obtain certifications related to the Core Values Index™ (CVI™) in Spanish. The CVI™ is a powerful tool for personal and business development. The program has the endorsement of the prestigious firm, Taylor Protocols™.  

The UAS gives you the opportunity to receive the VAR (Value Added Relationship) and the PRACTITIONER (Certified CVI™ Practitioner) certifications, which credits are recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

"Discover your Core Values Index". An 8 week course about the Taylor Protocols CVI™ is a very good introduction to the CVI™.


To be certified in the use and application of the CVI™ by Taylor Protocols, choose the Practitioner or VAR certifications.


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"I was very surprised to understand that I can know myself so well and that I can operate in different contributions where I have difficulty but it is necessary at the moment, this is really revealing." - Margarita María Paternina Gómez

"The importance of being aware of the value in which I am operating and the fact that I am aware of myself can generate a change in the value I am operating in, I have the ability to modify how my brain responds and therefore change how I respond. I have also learned how the CVI™ goes beyond the workplace and I can apply it in all my situations and environments." - Maru de León

The truth is that Mr. Taylor found an excellent way to know ourselves, better than any other character or personality test. I love it because I know I'm contributing either with power (my biggest contribution) or with knowledge (my second contribution). Also how to change contribution when one is not necessary. - Sylvia Gomez

"This kind of truth is helping me to know myself so well! Now I am more aware of the fears that attack me according to my highest contributions so I won’t fall into the trap of self-sabotage.
This is quite a challenge, but as Dr. Melodye says, I am moving forward with small changes that allow me to put into practice what I am learning.
I hope to find myself with an improved and conscious version of myself at the end of this class and have the discipline to continue working on this." - Kenia Salas

"I learned that I can change from one contribution to another intentionally.
I learned that what can change in my life, making good decisions that are good for me and for all those around me, leaving fear aside.

Impressive teaching. How it will help us improve our relationships! Valuable learning. I will continue studying.

It is impressive the need we have to be clear and learn more about the Core Values. They guide us, they allow us not to deviate from our purpose, they give us confidence in the seeds that we have sown since our birth." - Yolanda Cuevas


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