Self-Study Courses.

Do you prefer to take courses at your own pace? Below you will find the self-study courses available to you. 

Self-Study Course Features:

  • Study period extends to 3 months compared to 5 weeks in a moderated course.
  • Student has the ability to repeat or take "missed" moderated courses and be accredited in order to graduate on time. 
  • Self-Study courses include the following:

New! - Are you missing a few course credits before graduation?

Self-study courses can now be taken in accredited format.

  • *Please note that all assignments need to be turned in once via email to your assigned moderator before 2 months pass. You will have access to the course for 1 year.
  • The student will have to submit the homework assignments at the end once (study time period is reduced to 2 months). Once turned in, an assigned moderator will be able to grade the student's work. Depending on the results, a student will pass or fail the class. If a student passes, he or she will receive credit for the self-study course taken. For more information, please email us at:

Available SELF-STUDY courses

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