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Welcome to the University for Societal Architects, where our mission is to inspire, equip, and connect Societal Architects with a passion to rise to their highest and best contribution
in the place where they have been called in this world. 

We believe that each person was designed to be a Societal Architect, created with unique gifts and talents that are necessary contributions to our world. As we collaborate with others, together we can discover, design, shape, and implement the designs that will help our different cultures flourish.

Just as an architect designs the blueprints for a home that will be built according to its design, in the same way a Societal Architect designs the blueprints that will become the new face of our ever evolving society.

The University for Societal Architecture’s (UFSA) goal is to inspire you to action and empower you to discover your place of maximum contribution in this world.

Our purpose is to inspire, equip and connect you as a Societal Architect so you will grow and function in your unique place of maximum contribution in this world.

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Join the international community of Societal Architects!

Students from more than 19 countries are participating - each one with a unique testimony.



Nations include: Thailand, The Netherlands, Senegal, Spain (Canary Islands), United States, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Peru, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Canada, Philippines, and Argentina! 



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Moderated Courses (every 8 weeks)

  • Study online with other international students.

  • You will have a personal moderator to assist you and grade your assignments.

  • Enjoy a 1 year access to your courses.

  • 2 payment options: Per course or monthly membership.

Self-Study Courses

  • Study online individually at your own pace with 24/7 access.

  • Study options: audit or accredited.

  • Enjoy a 1 year access to your courses.

  • You can start at any time you'd like.


Group Leadership Courses (for groups of 7+ students)

  • Study online (o locally) with your leaders inside the same course (private course min 30 students).

  • Enjoy group price discounts of up to 42% off.

  • Study duration: 8 Weeks

  • Leaders can enjoy a 1 year access to their courses.

  • Start as a group whenever you want.

Local Seminars (for groups)

  • Invite the teachers to teach locally in your city!

  • Take advantage of personal ministry time, activations, and impartations for your church members to enjoy!