Societal architect's TV SHOW

We have been given the opportunity to have a weekly 30 minute TV broadcast in the world's largest Spanish Christian TV Network.  

We'd like to accept this invitation and expand our reach into the nations with the powerful message of the Kingdom of God. We desire to inspire, equip and connect thousands of Societal Architects with the call to become active change agents.

We can do this with your help. You can become one of today's missionaries that can go into the nations in different ways than 30 years ago, by partnering with us in this TV project.

The cool thing is that Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa have been TV and Radio producers since 1992 and started and ran a local TV and Radio Network in the Canary Islands Spain and helped start several Ministries with their own international TV shows. We know wat this means and how many human and financial resources this demands.     

We will produce the TV shows in such a way that they can be used as Radio programs as well. Several radio stations have asked us for radio programs that contain our teachings. 

If you are passionate about inspiring, equipping and connecting Societal Architects all around the world you can help us with your support. 

Partner with us so we can inspire and equip thousands of Societal Architects that will transform their sphere of influence all over the world. 

What we need to kickstart our weekly TV broadcast. We need to add equipment to our TV studio (about $20.000USD) and add new team members (producer/editor/assistant) to our production team.  Plus the program admin costs to produce the weekly show($700 a month). Besides the equipment a total of $7000US a month to have a world wide Spanish TV show for Societal Architects!! 

It only takes a group of 70 dedicated Societal Architects that will donate $100 a month. That is 630 less than the 700 partners that helped kickstart the 700 Club.
(That is where the name comes from :))
Yes, I want to see this happen!