Your Calling, Gifts, and Ministry


This course will teach you to how to discover your calling and your ministerial gifts, inspiring you to develop them according the Word of God. Through the ministerial gifts, God’s grace flows supernaturally in your life in the world around you. God desires to establish His Kingdom on this Earth and He wants to train and prepare you to be part of His plan.

These teachings will help you be aware of the grace that operates in your life, so you discover your divine gifts to dare you to fulfill all of God’s purpose for your life. When you listen to the explanation of each one of the ministerial gifts descriptions, it will also help you recognize the gifts in others. This will enhance your understanding of others and cause you to even celebrate them, as you may be the first one to benefit from with what God has given them!

As you obtain a clear understanding about these ministerial gifts, you will discover the importance of divine order in God’s Kingdom and how to align with His design to establish your place in the Body of Christ and in society.

Many have given testimony about this Seminar and how it has helped them recognized their calling, and as a result, function more effectively in the Body of Christ.


I. Introduction to the Gifts

  • The Motivational or Functional Gifts
  • he Gifts of the Holy Spirit

II. The Ministry Gifts

  • The Gifts of the Members in the Body of Christ
  • The Ministry or Functional Gifts
    • The 5 fold Office Ministries.
    • The Functional Gifts in Romans 12:3-8.
  • The Purpose of the Different Members in the Body of Christ
  • Jesus Want Us to Be Like Him
  • Jesus Wants us to Work in Unity
  • God Wants to Establish His Kingdom
  • How Can We Fulfill Our Mission?
    •  We have to be conscious that each member has its function in this mission. 
    • We need to be equipped. 
    • We have to be active in our gift.
    • We are all responsible for what we have received.

3. The five fold ministries:

  • The Apostle.
  • The prophet.
  • The Evangelist.
  • The Pastor.
  • The Teacher.
  • Combination of gifts.
  • The Functional Gifts in Romans 12:3-8.
  • Calling, Anointing and the Gift.
  • The structure of the church according to the giftings:  The “Presbytery”, Elders and Deacons.
  • Passion and Role / Responsibility and Position.

Additional Teachings:

  • “We are the gift”
  • “The journey from your calling to your commission"
  • “Keys to discovering your Kingdom Destiny”
  • “The power of your gift”
  • “Finding your purpose”
  • Testimonies from people in the market place.

    Meet your instructors.

    Drs. Kees-Jan & Candy de Maa

    Drs. Kees-Jan & Candy de Maa

    Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa are dedicated to inspiring and equipping others so they can do what inspires them. They believe that every human being was created with a purpose, unique gifts and talents that are necessary contributions to our world. As we collaborate with others, together we can discover, design, shape and implement the designs that will help the different cultures flourish.

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    Student Course Testimonies

    I never received such a clear and rich class, about the gifts. My knowledge about the gifts has increased a lot, which allows me to develop best at what God has given me. - Lina Vanessa Ledesma

    "My husband and I are pastors of a church, and we seek the equipping and training of the University for Societal Architecture and we encourage our church members to take these classes with us. Those who have taken  the courses so far, begin to grow and understand their calling and they already appear to prove themselves for their potential to become great leaders among us. It is amazing to me how the truth learned in the videos and this book has set our people free and made them more passionate about their gifts and their ministry. - Kayla Roberts

    Just a word, "amazing"!!!! Thank you so much, for so much light!!! Yes! definitely these classes have a long term impact in our lives! I'm so touched, it is so inspiring so inclusive and empowering, full of vision and purpose! I can see the Lord's heart projected, He want us to be one, like Him and the Father are one!

    I'm celebrating God gifts! Alleluia! Candy you teach with such a passion that is contagious! Thank you. - Nancy Librera

    All I can say is EXCELLENT !!!! Such understanding from the teaching on the Ministry Gifts has given a clearer and deeper understanding of their function in the body. This teaching on the Apostle in ministry and marketplace was practical and down to earth. Your Spirit and heart to share your knowledge of and love for life in Christ is transforming my life and I say with complete confidence I truly trust you as A man of God and principle Thank you. Breaking molds in life is not easy good thing it is never too late, huh? -David Blount

    These teachings are life changing. I am deeply moved and challenged by the Holy Spirit through the truths being shared, with great desire to know and move in the gifts and callings in my life more than ever before. How wonderfully the messages are shared, especially about not only recognizing your own gifts, but the gifts in others so that they can be celebrated instead of misunderstood. What unity and harmony that will bring in the body of Christ as we impact the world with His glory. This is so wonderful, what a blessing we are all receiving that we can pass on to others!!! - Linda Sampson

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