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Each University for Societal Architecture course is a piece of the puzzle that has been transforming the student's life to become a Societal Architect.

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The course, Expand Your Reach, is the last piece of a process of personal discovery in the areas that form identity, divine purpose, integral development as a person, being a leader of influence, achievements, teamwork, and more. This last course is the “cherry on top” because once we know who we are and what we want to offer our world, we need to learn how to expand our reach through digital means that exist today. By harnessing the power of this technology, we expand the scope of our influence.


We have requested the help of professionals from our team to explain each of these issues, and others that will help you expand your reach by being relevant and effective in your sphere of influence. We want to inspire you to know and have a roadmap.

This course is the result of our own search on how to adjust to current demands and online media. The perspective we offer in this course will help you know what it takes to get started. We believe that every person of influence needs to have a general idea about how to impact this world with what they have to offer, how marketing works, the media, the help of current technology, and more. Welcome to the future!

This course will help you be relevant and effective in what you do!
We hope to see you in this extraordinary course!

Meet your Instructors

Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa are dedicated to inspiring and equipping others so they can do what inspires them. They believe that every human being was created with a purpose, unique gifts and talents that are necessary contributions to our world. As we collaborate with others, together we can discover, design, shape and implement the designs that will help the different cultures flourish.

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Expand your reach

Individual course payment. Duration of 8 weeks.

$ 149 USD

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